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Distraction-free, focused writing


FA loves to build products that help you to focus on what really matters. Writecase sports an extremely cleaned up, good-looking interface. From professional writers to notekeepers, Writecase is built for you.


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A perfect experience that you build


What was really important for us when we built Writecase was that you, the user, are able to create an experience that works as you want it to do. You can remove the sheet that represents the background of your document, and you can change the theme. By also removing the toolbar, you get the cleanest writing experience you could imagine. And of course, Writecase features multiple fonts so you can select the one you like the most.



Be fast and productive


Writecase has always been built with simplicity in mind. When you start it up for the first time, you are being introduced to the features Switcher and Customizer, Switcher giving you the ability to swap out the document you are working on with just a swipe to the left, Customizer giving you the ability to change the text size and more just by swiping to the right.


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