“Okay Ve, how’s the weather in New York?”


Ve is your natural personal voice assistant. Talk to Ve as you would talk to a friend and get things done – Ve can translate, calculate, message, navigate and much more!


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The more you use Ve, the more you will realize how helpful, funny and great it is.


“How’s the weather in New York?”


Ve connects with the FA servers and gets a precise and extended answer fastly.


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“How much is 30938 + 45221?”


After having connected to FA servers, Ve gets the answer, displays and speaks it out.



“Send a message to Tony, let’s meet tonight on 9PM at the restaurant”


With its natural language understanding API, Ve gets what you said after “Send a message” and transforms it into a message. Select in which app you want to use it and who you want to send it to and the message is already gone.


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