Introducing the best way to visit the world’s biggest social network.


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Your news feed. Clean, simple and stunning.


Customize the looking, not only the news


Touch is full of settings that enable you to create your personal experience made for you. Create a theme with your own colors and more. You can even customize the toolbar content!


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The immersiveness you deserve


The fullscreen mode built inside of Touch makes even more space for the content you care about. All options are available via the side menu and the Floating Action Menu. As you can see, you can even enable a Back to the Top button.


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A perfect experience


Touch cares about you. You do not have to install a separate app to be able to send messages. You do not need to give away 300MB of your device storage, just to access it. You do not need to let it run in the background all the time and waste your battery. But you can answer messages and browse your feed from every app. And you can use a browser that looks great, have multiple tabs opened at once and that can be accessed from every app. Introducing Focused Browsing, packaged right inside of Touch.





Touch packages the biggest social network in less than 5 MB of package size. Only one social network? No. Touch packages multiple social networks in less than 5 MB. Absolutely incredible. And for free.


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Save it for later


As a part of the Focused Browsing experience inside of Touch, you are able to save sites that matter to you for later. Whether it comes from Continuity, Touch itself or Focused Browsing is not important: You can save the sites you visited for later from any of these Touch features.


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