All your photos in one UI.


Sera gives you the ability to organize your photos, to find them faster than ever and to edit them and make them look even prettier.


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Filter your photos precisely, edit them with Sera Studio and sort them after many sorting criteria


All your photos at one place


Have your photos sorted after the sorting criteria, for example time, name or size. you want. Filter them precisely, for example after a certain location, name or folder.


Get one UI for your photos


Better-looking photos. Everything is at your fingertips.


What you need to edit photos is here. Sera comes with the great photo editing software Sera Studio included. Apply filters on your photos and edit them with many effects! Easily enhance a beautiful landscape to make it even more beautiful, enhance a beautiful family photo to make it even more sympathic!



Memories coming to life


Sera is like every other FA product: Fast, intuitive and absolutely easy to use. We have made Sera in a way that enables you to relive the most beautiful moments of your life, without having to care for the software you’re using to work or not. Just remember of the beautiful time you’ve spent and hold the device in your hands that will remember you of the upcoming beautiful times.


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