One of FA’s most important dutys: Keep your privacy protected


Your trust makes FA forward. We do everything we can do to keep your privacy protected, plus strict policies govern how we handle your data.


Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of every of our products. We always make improvements where we can. Protecting your FA ID is one of our most important tasks, and we protect your FA ID with success!


We are profiting of every opportunity we have to let you know what we are doing with your data. This begins with the usage of the Android Marshmallow permission model and ends with this website. We are making it easy for you to change your decision. When we ask you to use your data, we only do it to improve your experience.


We are publishing this website to let you know what we do with your personal informations, what we do and collect, and why. We are making sure that you get updates about our behaving here.


Since Internet services have started, you have often been the product and not the customer. We are absolutely sure that a great experience requires you to be the customer. Not even one FA product is including ads and there will never be one that will include ads.


We don’t only run FA to earn money, and this is why we are not scanning your web history or mail content. We run FA to give people the ability to live technology at it’s best, not for profit. Everything we do is done to improve your technological experience. Pretty simple, isn’t it?


Finally: There is no backdoor in any FA software known to us. We have never allowed access to our servers and never will.


Protecting your privacy is one of our most important duties. Because we respect every user of our products. We know we can’t earn your trust simply. And this is why we are and will be careful in what we do. Forever.


Florent Anders, Director of FA


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