Introducing Daily 2.0

With Daily 2, we focused on refining the most essential experiences inside Daily. We refined it in many ways.

A fundamental decision was to change Daily’s accessibility model: With the update to 2.0, the app is now available for free with some ads. Added is the ability to upgrade to Daily+ which mainly removes ads but also gives access to a dark theme and more. Focused Articles are accessible for free users, we have decided to show that we are absolutely aware of the fact that free is important. To simplify the upgrade process, we decided to make Daily+ an In App Purchase, therefore upgrading to Daily+ is extremely simple and without installing any other apps. Existing Daily+ app users are able to simply get a free promotion code for Daily+ as an In App Purchase.

Daily has always been about being the most intuitive and beautiful news app there is. We tried to reach this by making a clear and powerful design that focused on content and faded into the background. Daily always had a white or black design which was filled up by gray content. When designing Daily 2, we felt that there still was a lack of content and that the app was not filled enough with powerful content. It got a fundamental goal to add beautiful and high resolution imagery to the main view. To only display images with high resolutions, we decided not to show an image for every article, but really only images that had a high resolution.

Our next stop was the setup process. Daily was always set up in a fast and simple way, but something was missing that many people asked us before: Daily has added some pre-defined news sources like CNN, The Verge and more. There are not many news sources at the moment, but we are always happy about requests to add more sources and propositions on which. Just send us a mail to, it will be a pleasure. In addition to this new feature, we decided to present a feature that was already included in Daily since version 1 and put it as an alternative to setting up a fresh configuration: Importing from an existing configuration. Following our new financing model for Daily, it checks whether Daily+ has been purchased when starting up Daily for the first time. Of course, when upgrading to Daily+, it checks whether it has already been bought and if it was already bought, it simply unlocks Daily+.

With this Daily update, we reworked the navigation inside the app. The Floating Action Menu has been replaced with a Floating Action Button that opens the Focused Article view of an article. The settings have been placed to an option inside the navigation drawer, the feed editing is a part of the settings.

Speaking of settings, the settings have been redesigned too: The new settings have a main view which gives the ability to select one of the different settings categories and looks simply gorgeous.

One of these categories is the feed editing, which has been redesigned in two ways: First, the displaying of those feeds: We have optimized their spacings and removed useless icons while not losing critical content. Second, the details of editing a feed like changing its name have been massively reworked: The top is embossed by a foreground filled by the color matching the feed coloring displayed in the first view. Below is a big card that shows the selected editing view, afters some spacing below this card comes the selection of the editing view which is now made with a Bottom bar, coming together to create a stunning view.

To round up the Daily 2.0 update, we added many optimizations and bugfixes which result in an optimized performance and stability. We are proud of this update and hope that you will love it.

Florent Anders
FA Development