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One word: Revolution.


With FOS, FA has made a revolution. To make a revolution, something has to be made better from the ground up. We have not only made Linux better. We have revolutionized Linux, and call it FOS. FOS is increadibly fast, looks absolutely gorgeous and is made from the ground up for fun, compatibility and productivity. You can start directly with the great software, be impressed by the wonderful design and install the software you know and love from Windows.


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Why is FOS a revolution?


Many things make FOS a revolution. FOS is the first Linux-based operating system that gives you the ability to run Windows software without installing any additional software. FOS changes from the boring and outdated design of the most Linux operating systems. FOS has one of the most beautiful typefaces in the world, Treves based on Roboto, integrated as its standard font. We include the best software in every category, from our web browser to Springseed as the note taking app. Those are just some of the reasons that make FOS a revolution.


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