Fast in every way


Get everything you want, just by typing it in or saying it. This is what EVE stands for.


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EVE is developed to put everything right at your fingertips


Everything happens at one place


We have developed EVE to give you the access to everything in your phone from one UI. The EVERYBAR is the place where you can type in or speak an app, a contact, a setting or a web search. Tapping on the EVE logo shows you all your apps, your favorite apps and contacts.


Get everything you want now


EVE Start makes EVE even faster


EVE Start gets automatically filled with the last things you have opened with EVE. This great history makes accessing content in EVE even faster as you don’t even need to type something in or speak it. It’s directly at your fingertips and still, your home layout is absolutely clean and beautiful. You can even let EVE Start be colored based on your system wallpaper!



Speed up your life


EVERYBAR, EVE Start and EVE Drawer are the three key parts of EVE that speed up your life. EVERYBAR by giving you access to anything and everything on your phone just by typing or speaking it. EVE Start by showing you the last things you’ve used with EVE and EVE Drawer by showing you all your apps in a fast UI.


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