Different people think differently.


And thinking differently inspires innovation. Innovation pushes the world forward. Innovation can come from everywhere, and this is one of the reasons why we made FA Care. FA Care is not only support, it is also a place where you can submit feedback. FA products are absolutely great. But an idea to make them even a little better can come from anywhere, and we are open to this.



What Florent Anders thinks


FA is different. We have a different approach to many things. This is the fundament of the greatness of our products. FOS is a revolution, and we have only been able to create this revolution by thinking differently. Our products change lives but are also great to do the little things.


FA products help you to be different, and to work differently, differently mainly meaning better. FA offers new opportunities to be great. Everyone can profit of those opportunities, everyone is welcome at FA. We believe in equality, regardless of age, gender, knowledge, race, religion or sexual orientation. This applies to every FA product.


We are proud of what we have built and happy to see what the future will bring. Enjoy our products like we enjoy them and intend you to do.


Florent Anders, Founder of FA


We are all about accessibility