Daily’s main objective is to make news reading a beautiful and immersive experience. This is why we have been working on making the app almost perfect and we think that we were quite successful.

Flipping news around is not only meaning the actual flipping you perform in the app: It is actually rather about flipping around your news experience and making it different (what actually means better).

Just today, we introduced Focused Articles for Daily. Focused Articles optimize your reading experience by loading faster and being immersive: We take a little amount of your screen’s space for two controls. This is all space anything around a Focused Article is being taken up. The rest of the space is used by the article you want to read.

As you can see, being immersive is something we were focused on with the latest update. We were so focused that we decided to add creating an immersive experience to Daily’s ground principiles that made the app as great as it is today.

I hope that you will enjoy the newest update. It makes a great app even better.

Florent Anders
FA Development