The thinking behind Made by FA has been in my mind for years. In 2014, when Google originally introduced Material Design to the world, I felt that I need to be a part of the design philosophy it has built up while adding my own ways of thinking into the creation and shaping of the products I released since then.

Made by FA actually describes multiple concrete approaches to various parts of product design, development and philosophy.

1. A “Made by FA“ product should be as beautiful as possible. Beauty is very subjective, which is why customization is actually nearly as important as beauty in the first place. A Made by FA product enables its user to build up an experience that is actually as compelling as possible by giving the user the tools he / she needs to shape the actual app experience.

2. A „Made by FA“ product should be as accessible as possible. Many software developers happen to end support for certain hardware because they do not feel like doing some little extra work to support it further makes sense. This is absolutely wrong. Every person that may need a FA product shall get the accessibility to it. Other (major) software developers happen to boast themselves because of them being accessible to everyone. Well, being „accessible“ in theory is not always enough. Being actually accessible by creating an efficient product that does not waste resources is by far more important than just being „accessible“ in a certain country or on a certain device. FA puts lots of work in publishing software that is actually as efficient as possible.

3. A „Made by FA“ product should be as functional as possible. Functionality is what actually matters most for a user. It is as important for me to create a beautiful product that actually makes my user enjoy what he / she uses as it is important for me to give him / her the tools to do everything that he / she could possibly imagine from my product. Updates are a wonderful way to constantly rethink every part of a product and keep improving it, which is actually something that FA massively focuses on.

4. A „Made by FA“ product should always know what it actually stands for. Adding senseless features is wrong. Adding features that are not absolutely focused on the core experience but optimize it are great, if they do not grow in a way that makes them a whole product of their own.

5. A person experiencing „Made by FA“ should always be remembered by little details and bold features that he / she uses an uncompromisingly Premium product.

6. A „Made by FA“ product should bundle all points given prior to this one into an absolutely stunning product, which is why our brand identity shortened to one sentence is actually: „Form and functionality, set equal“, which is of course a decent way to tell that „Form follows function“ is not a credo sufficient to me.

Following those six rules is not as easy as you might think, and FA definitely puts lots of work into creating products that keep up to its brand identity. Over years, FA has learned how to create great products and how to make them better and better over many iterations. The trust you put in FA by using and purchasing one of my products is something that makes me very proud, which is why I would love to thank you here for supporting my brand.

Florent Anders
Founder of FA Development
Support manager
Chief Design Officer